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NEW Promix: In-drum probe, easily allows one to monitor your concrete: slump, volume, temperature, humidity and ready-mix indicator: Your on site Lab!

The Carmix 3.5TC is the most popular unit worldwide due its’ versatility and the perfect balance between the 3.5m3 concrete yield per batch and the per hour productivity.

The 30000 slewing drum has a 4850 litre capacity and is fitted with double mixing screws, while the drum’s rotation is controlled by a hydraulic motor which controls the mixing and discharging speed.

The Carmix 3.5TC boom is equipped with a self-articulated hydraulically operated 600 litre shovel with opening gate that allows accurate loading of aggregates and cement. Additionally the Carmix 3.5TC has two 400 litre tanks with a water pump capable of pumping 400 litres per minute to allow efficient addition of water to drum during batching.

The Carmix 3.5TC has an operating speed of 0-10km/h, road transfer speed from 0-30km/h and is capable of operating on gradients of up 300 fully loaded.

The unique “Load Cell” Carmix electronic weighing system is available for the Carmix 3.5TC unit which allows the precise control and monitoring of concrete production, therefore ensuring 100% quality of concrete. This system includes four Load Cells, located under the drum as well as a Winscale computer display and printer. 


The Carmix 3.5TC is ideal for:

Producing large volumes of high quality concrete on any jobsite, urban or rural. The Carmix 3.5TC is highly versatile allowing it to function optimally in a variety of fields including mining, civils, housing, piling and precast concrete. 

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