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CARSILO'S to optimise concrete production on site:


Horizontal Carsilos produced in 15m3, 28m3 and 38m3 to allow any jobsite to run efficiently and controlled.




Carsilos are fitted with the following in order to ensure optimization and hassle-free cement handling:


• Electronic load cell weighing system, control display and process management. Allowing you to know at all times the amount of cement in the Silo.

• Main frame designed with 6 spider legs, allowing a truck to easily load and offload the silo without the need of any lifting equipment.

• Vibration system to facilitate the flow of cement. Conveyor and discharge screw directly at the required height, with possibility of adjustment.

• Remote control allowing the start and stopping of discharge from the driver of the Carmix unit.


Advantages of Horizontal cement silos:


1) Cost minimizing and once off ordering - Due to the huge storage capacity of large horizontal cement silos, it has the advantages of economies of scale, and significantly reduces the cost of cement by allowing customers to purchase in bulk once off.

2) Transportation, loading and offloading - Due to the design a standard flat bed truck can reverse under the silo, load, transport in-Gauge and then off load the silo on site. All without a crane or lifting equipment.

3) Wastage and loss - Due to the specialized dust filter cement is not lost via cement dust expulsion. Theft and control of the cement is all controlled due to the cement being securely stored.

4) Increased efficiency and time savings – Less personnel needed for offloading and loading cement all mechanically handled and controlled.

5) Homogeneous cement – all cement un tampered and homogenous results achieved without abnormal unwanted dirt.

6) Safety of personnel handling cement – No personnel required to directly handle cement and thus no health and safety issues.


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