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Wepex Botswana 2Carmix South Africa supplied a Carmix 3.5TT to Wepex Construction operating on the Orapa Diamond Mine, Botswana. 

The Orapa Diamond Mine, located in central Botswana 240km west of Francistown, is the worlds’ largest open pit diamond mine producing an average of 12 million carats of diamonds per year. The mine currently operates at a depth of 240m, however it is predicted to reach 450m within the next 10 years. In order to reach such depths specific methods must be implemented to support the pit walls and prevent deadly landslides or rockfalls, which is where Wepex is functioning.

Wepex is a geotechnical contractor specialising in rockfall mitigation, soil and rock stabilization, piling, specialised grouting and trenchless crossing. Wepex is using the Carmix to produce 35mpa shotcrete that will support the walls of the pit in conjunction with lateral support provided by self-drilling anchors. This highly specialised application requires good quality shotcrete to be produced with consistent slump and strength.

The 5 day commissioning was done on site in Botswana by two Carmix South Africa representatives who trained a number of Wepex staff, including operators and mechanics, in the operation and maintenance associated with the Carmix 3.5TT. During training particular attention was payed to the Carmix Winscale system which is essential to ensuring the consistent quality of shotcrete is met.

The Carmix South Africa team wish Wepex a successful project at Orapa using the Carmix 3.5TT. 



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