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Pongola1Empyreal Construction purchase a Carmix 3.5TT for road construction in KZN. 

Empyreal Construction (Pty) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary civil engineering construction company, based in Pretoria. Empyreal have worked in a range of technical fields and are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board as a contractor with the ability to perform work within the 8CE, 6GB scope.

Empyreal contacted Carmix South Africa looking to purchase a self-loading concrete mixer after renting a Carmix 3.5TT unit for the past few months and realising how effective Carmix units are. After much discussion Empyreal decided to purchase a Carmix 3.5TT as it is the best unit to suit their multi-disciplinary operations.

The Carmix South Africa team travelled to Pongola, Kwa-Zulu Natal to commission the unit. An operator was trained in the operation of the Carmix and Winscale systems while the on-site mechanic was informed on the maintenance and service procedures.

Empyreal Construction is currently working on two sections of road. The Carmix unit is being used to produce concrete for the road curbs, gutters and storm water drains. Additionally the Carmix 3.5TT will be used to complete a bridge across a small river.

As expected when working on roads, the jobsite is spread over a number of kilometres. Therefore the discharging points are a fair distance away from the batching area.  Additionally the rolling hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal can be a tough obstacle for a fully loaded concrete mixer. However the Carmix 3.5TT, with a Perkins Turbo Diesel Engine produces 111 HP allowing it to climb the hills with ease and is able to deliver concrete along the entire section of road.

Overall it was a successful Carmix delivery and commissioning, the Carmix South Africa team looks forward to a long and productive relationship with Empyreal Construction.   














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