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Onseepkans1The Carmix South Africa team recently completed a floor slab for the Department of Agriculture in Onseepkans, Northern Cape.  

Onseepkans is a small town situated on the Orange River and acts as a border post between South Africa and Namibia. The region is a highly productive grape farming area and is only accessible by 50km of dirt road, which removes ready mix concrete as a viable option for concrete supply.

The land redistribution movement in South Africa has resulted in the community of Onseepkans being designated 40 hectares of land suitable for the production of table grapes and raisins. The Carmix 3.5TT produced 25mpa concrete for the storage facility where the grapes produced will be stored before delivery.

Using the Carmix 3.5TT the 70m3 floor slab took 4 days to complete as concrete batching was stopped at 2pm to allow time for floating. On the fourth and final day the project was halted abruptly when the Carmix threw a fan-belt, stopping production. In the isolated area around Onseepkans fan-belt are few and far between and it was feared that the Carmix would be out of operation indefinitely. However, it may have 
been luck or it may have been the fact that Carmix 3.5TT has a Perkins engine where parts are highly available, but we managed to find a replacement and complete the job. This shows the benefit of having an engine where spares are readily available even in the most isolated areas.

Carmix once again proving that they are the number one option for concrete production in rural and isolated areas. 


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