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Prieska2The Carmix South Africa team produced 120m3 of 30mpa concrete for a hayloft floor slab. 

The floor slab was on the Spitskop Farm, just outside Prieska in the Northern Cape and will be used to store the farmers’ machinery and hay. 

This project was an intricate operation with the foreman controlling the volume and timing of concrete production to best suite his schedule of workforce to allow enough time for floating and finishing. This allowed the versatility of Carmix units to be displayed. On demand the Carmix operator could produce full or partial batches to full each shutter box. With such precise control of the volume and quality of concrete the foreman was able to accurately plan his production schedule without the worry of standing time and wastage associated with ready mix concrete.

An average of 20m3 of concrete was produced each day and the 120m3 floor slab was complete in 5 working days. 

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