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North Mara 2The Carmix South Africa team travelled to commission Carmix's largest unit in the rough terrain of the North Mara Gold Mine. 

The North Mara Gold Mine is located in North West Tanzania, approximately 100km east of Lake Victoria and 20km south of the Kenyan border. The mine processes an average of 8 000 tonnes of ore per day and produced 287 188 ounces of gold in 2015. The mine has two deposits namely Gokona and Nyabirama, which are underground and open pit operations respectively.

The Carmix 5.5XL is operating on the Gokona site to produce shotcrete for the walls of the underground portals.  The shotcrete is used to strengthen the portal walls and prevent deadly collapses. 

Due to the high risk nature of underground mining operations it is essential that the shotcrete produced is of high quality and strength. The Carmix Winscale system allows the accurate monitoring of the complex mix design of the shotcrete, which included aggregates and additives such as fibre, silica, stabilizers, plasticizers and

accelerators. Once a batch has been produced it is transported to the concrete sprayer, down the portal, where it is sprayed onto the portal walls. 

The terrain on the mine makes it difficult to transport concrete however, being 4 wheel drive, the Carmix 5.5XL is able to traverse 30 degree slopes fully loaded. This allows the unit to deliver concrete and shotcrete to all areas of the mine.

The Carmix South Africa team relished the experience of working on the mine and we look forward to operating on the North Mara Gold Mine in the future. 


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